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Fay’s Heavenly Deli

The latest addition to Trafalgar Road’s eateries is Fay’s Heavenly Deli at 149 Trafalgar Road. I’ve been there twice now and have had two excellent cooked breakfasts and a lovely hot chocolate.

Run by Fay and her husband, the deli is open seven days a week and serves hot and cold food for breakfast, lunch and even dinner from time to time – see their Facebook page for full opening times.

The inside is warmly decorated with old wooden chairs and tables and there are plans to open up the downstairs to accommodate more customers.

And here is the lovely breakfast, £5 including a drink and fresh bread, lovely jubbly. 🙂


Wild Honey

I had lunch at Wild Honey in Mayfair last June, we went as the other half had a lovely time at Arbutus with his mum on Mother’s Day.

Arbutus is another ‘cheap’ but swanky restaurant set up by restauranteurs Anthony Demetre and Will Smith*. Arbutus was the first (2006), Wild Honey (2007) is the second and Les Deux Salons is the most recent (2010).

All three restaurants aim to provide excellent food and service at a lower price than you would expect for your Michelin star, Arbutus and Wild Honey have had one apiece for the past few years.

Demetre and Smith also want their diners to feel relaxed and have taken away some of the formality you would expect of an expensive restaurant. Fewer hovering staff, less formal presentation. To my mind it worked very well and the dark wood panelled interior of Wild Honey was warm and inviting.

To the food…

Poached egg, foam and asparagus, beautifully presented, perfectly cooked, yum yum yum.

Farinette and English snails with radishes and olives.

Very rich and extremely filling lamb! Plus lovely courgettes and pine nuts.

Cod and boneless crispy chicken wings with peas and radishes. Greatly loved!

Beautiful painting with hundreds of people dancing on an ice rink. Wild Honey had a makeover not long after our visit so I don’t think it is there anymore. 🙁

Amazing beautiful sweet wonderful fluffy and chewy pavlova with strawberries and vanilla cream. So so so brilliant!!!

Warm chocolate soup with milk sorbet, delicious so I am told.

Grand Marnier and cocktail for dessert. 😀

Naughty naked ladies in the loos! There were loads of them, how rude.

A splendid dinner was had, we felt relaxed and welcome, and a wee bit envious of the diners next to us who ate from the excellent looking cheese board right behind our table. If only we had had room…


Total spend including drinks and service charge was £130.

*Caterer Search article on Demetre and Smith


La Fourchette du Printemps

Visiting La Fourchette du Printemps was the highlight of my trip to Paris earlier this year. Even though it didn’t have a website (zut alors!), its Michelin star and the reviews were good enough to risk it. I even rang France and booked a table for two in advance, and I used French!

After a ten minute walk from Malesherbes Metro, north-west of the city centre, we found La Fourchette du Printemps on a quiet but smart residential street.

The interior was small and unassuming but beautifully presented. The waitress made us feel very welcome, and my basic French served us well as she was kind enough to explain each course in excellent English throughout the meal.

There was room for thirty or so covers but at 1pm on a Saturday there was only us and a table of six locals to serve. However, when I had tried to book for the evening the week before, the restaurant was fully booked. A excellent sign.

We decided to have the tasting menu as this is always exciting and full of variety. Zee French call this ‘Menu Dégustation’ and it consisted of two entrées, two plats and two desserts for €75 per person.

We also started the meal with a cocktail which was quite splendid as we hadn’t eaten at all that morning!

Refreshing cucumber and courgette starter with parmesan. It was lovely but unfortunately we can’t remember what the square base of the dish was at all!

Layered crab and avocado in a tomato sandwich, tightly packed and rich and beautiful. Heavenly fish.

Prawns and John Dory, St Pierre to the French, in a lightly curried foamy soup with peas, carrots and courgettes. This was amazing. It was so beautiful and I wanted more more more.

Lamb cutlet with jus served with a courgette heavy vegetable side topped with parmesan. The tenderly cooked lamb was seasoned wonderfully and I could have totally had another if not for all the previous courses!

Soft and marshmallow-y lemon meringue lightly blow-torched. The pièce de résistance! This was truly amazing and light and fluffy and gooey and lemon-tastic. I was so happy!

Two very clean plates!

Peanut macaroon, chocolate ice cream and caramel fondant served with vanilla cream = a very posh Snickers. Far too rich for me but it was still wonderful and the macaroon was soft and gooey inside, I’ve never had a macaroon that good.

So. So. So. Stuffed. So. So. So. Happy.

All the dishes arrived at a good pace and were perfectly cooked and presented throughout. Looking through the menu, each individual course was very well priced for the quality on offer. I would recommend this restaurant wholeheartedly.


This is my last Parisien blog, but I would like to mention another restaurant I visited. Les Fables de la Fontaine is also Michelin starred and is situated near The Eiffel Tower.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the food myself but the other half would recommend it. I found the fish dishes quite underwhelming for the price and a little overcooked. However, the food isn’t bad, just not good enough to have earned a Michelin star >>> IMHO. :D.



French deli and cafe L’Artisan is one of my favourite ‘new’ finds. It isn’t particularly new to Trafalgar Road having been open since 2011, but it is new to my heart. :).

A friend of mine and her family were staying during the summer, and as Trafalgar Cafe isn’t open on a Sunday, I thought a French breakfast would be an excellent start to the day and a good excuse to finally visit this tiny but inviting deli.

We were in luck that day as there was just enough space for six of us plus a buggy. We took up half the shop but there was still space for another table of four.

Scrambled eggs, with mushrooms or ham and bacon, was the hot breakfast option and we were quickly served and seated with drinks whilst we waited for our breakfasts to be cooked. They all arrived about ten minutes later which was quite a reasonable wait time for five dishes.

My dish was the mushroom version and the mushrooms had been cooked in a creamy sauce which was absolutely divine. Also, the scrambled eggs were cooked perfectly – slightly runny and delicious. Heaven.

The ham and bacon version was enthusiastically eaten by my friend’s son and my my other half. A thumbs up all round and a slight pang of jealously from my other half because he wanted my mushroom and cream dish as well. :D.

The deli also sells French and Italian biscuits, conserves, cheese, meats and pasta as well as fresh baguettes, boules, croissants, pastries and tarts. Hot food and drinks can also be ordered to take out.


Since visiting in the summer, the deli’s owner Joris Barbaray has sold L’Artisan to a local couple called Grace and Dustin Lauw. The Lauws are also French, hailing from Paris, but have been living in Greenwich for the past five years.

As regular customers at L’Artisan, they took an interest in running the deli when Barbaray decided to move on earlier this year. Speaking to Grace three weeks ago, she told me that Barbaray is to be a father and might be moving back to France to continue his cookery training. All good stuff. :).

Dustin has been working with Barbaray to learn all the dishes served at L’Artisan and to continue the business in the same way it has been run since last year. They do have plans for the deli but want to get everything in order for themselves before changing anything.

If you want to keep up to date with the amazing food at L’Artisan, do follow their Twitter account or like them on that there Facebook malarkey.

Good luck to Grace and Dustin, L’Artisan is a wonderful additional to my local high street. Hooray for the French!



At the end of May I went to Paris for a few days with my other half. Whilst there we ate a lot of lovely rich and expensive French food. It was a wonderful trip!

This is the first of a few blogs showing the different restaurants we went to…


On our first evening we looked for a restaurant near our hotel as we wanted to relax after walking about in the hot Parisien sun. Looking in our Lonely Planet guide, we found L’AOC ten minutes walk away. Located near the Seine and the beautiful Institut du Monde Arabe, L’AOC is a small and welcoming homely restaurant that is as French as France can be.

L’AOC stands for Appellation d’origine Contrôlée, a French concept indicating that an ingredient has been made to strict guidelines in order to protect a food product particular to a town or area. The restaurant specialises in this concept and the result is beautiful, rich, amazing and fattening! We were very happy!

Sam started with the most wonderful croustillant pied, three huge pigs trotters!

I had a frisee aux lardons salad with a perfectly cooked boiled egg and lovely vinaigrette. It was HUGE. I was stuffed before we even got to the main course!

Sam’s main was a massive entrecote normande rib eye steak with mashed potatoes and haricots vert. It was so huge he couldn’t cope with more than two-thirds of the dish. It was a beautiful piece of meat, gorgeous.

My main was confit de canard which was served with sautéed potatoes. It was again a huge dish and I couldn’t finish it all either! It was of course a tremendously cooked piece of duck and I was in heaven.

We felt very fat after that and could not even contemplate dessert! It was a magnificent dinner.

Also, the service was excellent and our rubbish French was rewarded with a lovely waiter who helped explain some of the menu we couldn’t quite understand. I was very proud to remember what ouefs were however! Hoorah for Key Stage 3 French lessons!

Our total food spend was €77 or €111.50 including drinks and water.

And as I like to say… if you can go… go! Paris is only a train ride away!


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