Getting Older

I will be twenty-seven this May. I know it isn’t old, but it does feel that way every now and then. Sometimes I worry that my life isn’t going forward the ‘way it should’, but what does that even mean? More money to buy a house would be nice but I haven’t got much to complain about really. There is no correct way, and it all works out in the end.

I think I like feeling older because I can feel myself getting better at certain things, and dealing with circumstances you don’t like or want to deal with in a better way, especially where work is concerned. At Secondary School I spent a lot of time being known as the person I was when I was eleven. Seven years at the same school and they think you haven’t changed a bit. Gah. Ho-hum. Work is better though, people do notice when you get better at things (and worse of course!). I like being relied on and having my word trusted, there is a lot of satisfaction in this. You become more confident as well, and hopefully don’t get so frustrated at the little things.

And I like how my personal life has progressed as well. I have been the older part of a pair of old farts for over two years now. I am so proud of that fact, and even if my day has been crappy I get to go home to a wonderful person who gives me love and reassurance whenever I want it.* We have a lovely (rented) home, our own space and a lifestyle that we couldn’t afford apart. The simple satisfaction of being able to sit in the same room doing your own thing and feeling comfortable is a wonderful feeling.

And we both like Lord of the Rings and Star Trek and Star Wars. Bliss.

*As long as this doesn’t interfere with programming time.


I know it is only October but…

…I am excited about Christmas already!

This year it will be even better as my boyfriend and I now live together in our own flat. We are planning to buy a real Christmas tree and will get to decorate it together. Last year I bought a rubbish pop-up tinsel tree from Sainsburys so anything is an improvement. He hasn’t promised to put any presents under it for me though. Bah humbug.

Co-ordination is also required to visit each set of parents, this is a task that requires organisation at least two months in advance to save money on train tickets and to get a slot in everyone’s social calendar. You know you are getting old when Christmas is planned in October. Days off work were also booked in September, rock and roll.

Being anally organised is a plus in any relationship. It means the boyfriend can be a lazy so-and-so and you can take command of the relationship. This is a win win situation for myself, and I get my way most of the time. What more could a girl ask for?

Back to Christmas, we are saving for a goose this year. We also have permission from my in-laws to do the Christmas dinner. Woo! So exciting, we are going to do lots of research and cook all sorts of exciting side dishes as well as the one and only side dish pigs-in-blankets. Yum yum yum. We will do our best to not argue. Promise.


Back to School

Started the new term at my choir last night. I have been a member of Lewisham Choral Society for a year now. Hooray!

This term we are learning Monteverdi’s Vespers from 1610 for a November concert in Deptford. This is fairly old and according to Wikipedia Monteverdi “marked the transition from the Renaissance style of music to that of the Baroque”. Cool. We went over the ‘Lauda Jerusalem’ section last night, not the easiest start to the term but our conductor told us he wanted us to do the hardest part first! Excellent!

Our conductor Dan is ace, he is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about music. Also in exciting new term news – he has new black-rimmed glasses! The world of choirs is an exciting one! Dan was also Choirboy of the Year in 1986, and he really makes the journey from Greenwich to Catford on a Monday night worth it.


Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack

Currently playing the soundtrack to Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo and Juliet. The one film absolutely guaranteed to make my boyfriend and I both bawl buckets of tears. Such an upsetting film, and it came out when I was young and impressionable (i.e. I was twelve, he was nine). I can’t watch it. In fact, I haven’t watched it in about ten years because I get so angry and upset at the stupid sad loss the film portrays.

Listening to the soundtrack is bearable but then you get all the imagery from the film in your head. Damnit. Such a good film. Just remembering Mercutio’s “a plague on both your houses” and the moment Romeo realises Juliet isn’t dead. Oh my god. Just unbearable.

Good thing I’m not watching it right now! I watched Zombieland instead! Excellent. Blood and violence and humour rather than blood and violence and tragedy. Woo!