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Gremlins, Troll Hunter and Tremors

Last night my ‘mother-in-law’ and I went to see three horror films together at Somerset House as part of their annual outdoor film screening season with Film4. I would normally go with the boyfriend but he was too busy hanging out backstage with Iron Maiden (and his Dad) to care about me so I went with his mum instead.

£18 for three films – bargain!

St Mary le Strand church by the entrance to Somerset House

Everyone getting settled in with usual necessities – booze, food, cushions, blankets, umbrellas, bin bags, six layers of clothing. 🙂

Walt Disney World ponchos – The latest fashions are all here*

Film4 at Somerset House, flying the British flag for American, Norwegian and… er… American films

After the bit of rain about 8.30pm a lovely rainbow appeared

A happy camper!

We had an absolutely splendid time, what a fabulous set of films to watch all in one go. Film4 at Somerset House has not done a triple-bill before but the combination of old and new plus a good dose of humour in each film blended the evening together very well. I also felt very privileged to see Troll Hunter over a month before its UK cinema release (September 9th!) – it was awesome. Ditto for Gremlins which I had not seen before, and Tremors which I have seen about six times.

As usual in our dear old England the weather was changeable and a bit chilly for August, but we soldiered on until 3am unlike many others who left earlier – some after the first film! Why?! Idiots I say.

I love this event. The organisers always seem to get the balance right, security are friendly and informative, you can bring in whatever you like as long as you don’t bring in glass or cans, the atmosphere is laid back, the DJs who play beforehand play great music, there are loads of toilets and they even gave away some Mogwai’s this year! So cute!

Please never change! I will come back every year without fail.

*delightfully appropriate if you know Gremlins and the cinema scene well


Nomads and Time Bandits

One of my favourite things about summer is outdoor film screenings, and for the past two years my boyfriend and I have gone to see double-bills at Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House. This year we had booked tickets to see this awesome triple-bill and then realised that he had double-booked himself with Iron Maiden at the o2. Typical. So I am now going without him as I could not bear to give up the tickets, I love Somerset House and its cobbles. His loss basically. :).

Luckily for us Film4 are not the only company putting on outdoor screenings during the summer. Lexi Cinema presents The Nomad (formally Screen on the Green) have also been breaking into this market the past few years, and this summer have a huge number of screenings all over London. We plan on seeing Wall·e (my choice) in August, so will get our ‘Somerset House’ fix at the Greenwich Observatory this year. This is completely cool as a Greenwich person, I am SO excited.

And not only are The Nomad visiting the Observatory in August, they are also visiting the Old Royal Naval College with local brewery Meantime for three nights of screenings of Memento, Time Bandits and Groundhog Day. Sadly if you are reading this tomorrow you will have missed out as the last screening is tonight. But if you are me and my new local friend Jen you went to see Time Bandits last night so yay for us!

I went down for a nosy on the Saturday afternoon to see what the set up was like:

Camel plus film camera equals cool company logo

Shot taken through the railings on Trafalgar Road

Meantime brew their beer on the peninsula, local beers for local people. They also have a bar and restaurant (about thirty feet to the left of this shot) where each dish contains one Meantime beer element. I have been meaning to try it out with the boyfriend for a while as we have wandered in a few times and the interior is beautiful.

King Charles Court in the background

Its an inflatable screen! Cool!

George Wood of The Nomad told me that the screen comes down and can be folded into a pretty small box which is nice and neat and green. :). This is also the smaller of the two screens The Nomad owns, the other is for larger venues.

After this I went home and had a pizza. Then I met the lovely Jen about half eight and we ambled down to get a pint and lay out our blankets.

Introducing the film were some actors wearing costumes from the actual film. Cool!!!

They let me take a picture. 🙂

Saab advert

This man’s company loves da pop, and the popcorn was very nice too. We had the caramel and sea salt and black pepper.

How would you feel if a load of people jumped out of your wardrobe?!

Sean Connery looking pretty damn cool.

Time Bandits is a 1981 Terry Gilliam directed film that I had never seen. I am not a huge fan of Memento or Groundhog Day so I thought I would go for the unseen screening as the location The Nomad chose is to die for. The film is a bit odd with a very random ‘lets run about through time and nick stuff’ plot. The pace does lag and there are too many pointless set-pieces, but it eventually gets to the point with a battle between evil (aka David Warner – of Star Trek/Klingon fame!!!) and our heroes. Good wins in the end and all is well. I did feel a bit sorry for the boy at the end though! Poof! Don’t leave evil hanging about!

It has some great cameo moments though. Ian Holm as Napoleon, Michael Palin and Shelley Duvall as a couple with a ‘problem’ in two separate time periods, Jim Broadbent as a game show host, and John Cleese as a dandy Robin Hood with a load of angry and gruff Merry Men. And of course a very manly and good-looking Sean Connery as King Agamemnon of ancient Greece. Very funny.

Lying on the grass in a spot where you can see the Old Royal Naval College and Canary Wharf in one is just wonderful. The Nomad really know how to choose their locations and to provide a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere for their audience. The sound was good, the screen quality was great and I had a lovely time. I am really looking forward to seeing Wall·e up on the hill in Greenwich Park. 🙂


Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack

Currently playing the soundtrack to Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo and Juliet. The one film absolutely guaranteed to make my boyfriend and I both bawl buckets of tears. Such an upsetting film, and it came out when I was young and impressionable (i.e. I was twelve, he was nine). I can’t watch it. In fact, I haven’t watched it in about ten years because I get so angry and upset at the stupid sad loss the film portrays.

Listening to the soundtrack is bearable but then you get all the imagery from the film in your head. Damnit. Such a good film. Just remembering Mercutio’s “a plague on both your houses” and the moment Romeo realises Juliet isn’t dead. Oh my god. Just unbearable.

Good thing I’m not watching it right now! I watched Zombieland instead! Excellent. Blood and violence and humour rather than blood and violence and tragedy. Woo!


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