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2014 Photography

At last you say! At last!

I’ve been waiting for these photos for aaaaaaages!

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Mike Jones Photography

Mike and I met at my old job back in 2007, and in his spare time he photographs everything and all. I’ve always loved his work, and so I asked him to be our wedding photographer.

We didn’t want traditional photos with lots of posing, just natural shots of people interacting. So that is what we did. 🙂

Here are a few shots from our wedding that I love:

If you would like to contact Mike for a shoot of some kind, please contact him through his Flickr page.


2013 Photography

Quite a long wait for this annual update – my father went into hospital a few weeks after my last major photo session in Berlin, and blogging and photography kind of got lost in everything that was going on.

I finally got out of my funk last spring and I started taking photos in Rome – a 30th birthday surprise from my other half. Of course it then took me another eight months to start sorting the Berlin photos! Terrible behaviour. I blame the wedding as an excuse.

So, 2013 is finally finished, just 2014 to do now! Groan…

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Nikon D5100 with 18-105mm VR lens

I did it, I bought a flashy pants digital SLR camera! :D. This one in fact!

I’ve only had it a week but here are some photos from my first 24 hours… more to follow… and I can blog properly now!

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2012 Photography

Below are my Flickr photos from 2012. The slideshow doesn’t represent the whole year as my camera is kinda broken! This is VERY sad.

I’m considering purchasing an expensive one for my birthday so hopefully I will be snapping away again soon!

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Photography Page Update

I’ve been planning to update my Photography page and make it more user friendly for a while now. I finally did a bit of WordPress plugin research this weekend and happened upon Flickr Set Slideshows made by MAJ Web Development.

After setting up a Flickr account and getting a Flickr API key it only took me a few minutes to add a slideshow to my Photography page using the Flickr Sets function. The results are below and on my Photography page. Lovely stuff.

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I have also decided to shift to Flickr for my personal photography as I have found the site to be pretty awesome and easy to use. And yes, I am aware I am coming pretty late to the Flickr party! :).


New Photos

I have added some new photos to my Photography page. Click the link above for some new shots.

Happy snapping!


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