Trafalgar Cafe

If you fancy a full English Breakfast and you live in Greenwich, look no further than the Trafalgar Cafe at 98 Trafalagar Road. If you live in west Greenwich you will have to enter the scary environs of east Greenwich, but have no fear, the ‘trip’ is worth it.

The cafe was refurbished last year and is fresh and clean with a nice green paint job inside and out. The menu is varied, and the four times I have been there the food has been well cooked and the service quick and friendly. Each of the breakfast set menus cost about £5.50 and come with tea or coffee and two slices of lovely thick bread. Good value for money says I.

My only criticism is that there are too many tables inside, making the seating area seem squashed and a bit uncomfortable. Taking out one row of tables would give everyone plenty of space to sit comfortably and this way the tables could be filled properly. You often see people looking through the window wanting to come in but turning away from the cafe as there doesn’t seem to be enough space.

Here a few shots from two recent trips to the cafe:

Set Menu A, so much bacon (yum yum yum), sausages are a bit average, excellent fried egg, good farty beans

Two lovely thick slices of bread with Set Menu A

Set menus include tea or coffee

Set Menu C, really good mushrooms, lovely tommies, more stupendous bacon and lovely egg

Go on, have that naughty breakfast this weekend, you won’t regret it. Go for a walk down to the river afterwards to walk off the calories, that will make you feel less guilty, promise.



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  1. Hi Laura

    I think the Trafalgar Cafe may be calling me this bank holiday!!

    Thanks for the tweet by the way! Would love to add you to my link list if thats OK?

    Sara @ Greenwich Sunday Lunch

  2. Mazer

    Definately will give it a try, also love local legends Zin next door to it – Wagamama’s but with more variety and much cheaper, hmmm salmon teriyaki with soft rice…

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