I would normally not write about politics or news stories on my blog, but feel that the recent vandalism by my fellow Londoners is too big to let pass by without some sort of comment.

It has been quite upsetting to see all the news footage of these horrid activities. I lived in Lewisham for three years and found last night’s events in Lewisham particularly affecting, I still walk down these streets from time to time. I am also from the borough and have various connections to this area.

My brother and his girlfriend also live in Croydon so I know this area well. Luckily for them they are on holiday, but seeing Reeves furniture store ablaze was yet another example of a place I have walked by and in Croydon’s case passed by on the tram.

Now I live in Greenwich I was also disturbed by the burning and looting in Woolwich as this is an area I regularly read about through the locals I follow on Twitter. A Greenwich councillor I follow also had a frightening experience whilst in his flat in Eltham.

Greenwich seems to have been ignored, but being smack in-between Lewisham and Woolwich has made me uncomfortable and worried whilst at work today. We were even sent home early due to reports of groups on their way into central London (I work in the West End). I have not read anything about unrest in London though so hopefully this was a false alarm. It seem to be Birmingham and Manchester’s turn tonight. :(.

As it seemed quiet I decided to have a wander down Trafalgar Road about 6pm as I wanted to buy an extra ingredient for dinner. Unfortunately for me neither the Tesco or Co-Op was open, and other businesses were boarded up or closed just in case.

Capitol normally has its shutters up with fruit and veg stands outside all day and night

Chung family preparing for the worst

Poor lovely Co-Op, hope to see you open again soon

Also mentioned by greenwich.co.uk

It is now 22.25 and thankfully my local area has stayed quiet. I have seen reports of disturbances in Eltham via Twitter, but nothing has been reported on the BBC News site so far.

With any luck three nights of burning, looting and vandalism will be enough for these nasty people, and I am thankful for the emergency services on days like this.