Elephants and Lambs

Today I visited Mudchute Park and Farm for their lambing season, and on the way I passed through the Old Royal Naval College to see the set that is being built for the filming of Les Misérables.

The part of the film being shot in Greenwich relates to the Elephant of the Bastille, an unfinished monument conceived by Napoleon in 1808. The elephant is used as a shelter for a character named Gavroche in the film.

French flags are now flying from the walls of the ORNC and the entire central area has been covered in tarpaulin with dark gravel on top. Carriages from the 19th Century are dotted around the area and the central area looks quite desolate.

It was pretty cool to walk through a film set too!

Fake ground on the left, real paving on the right

The lavender smelt lovely

Not sure if this is entirely historically accurate

Fake left, real right

I then wandered down to the foot tunnel and experienced the awesome new lifts that have been installed (at last!) at either end of the tunnel. They are huge inside and are very swish in comparison to the dirty mess of the stairs and tunnel itself.

It was then time for my first 2012 visit to my favourite city farm, and I had my customary walk round to say hello to the pigs first.

I was hoping to see some baby lambs and was quite lucky to be there at the right time of the day when the farm’s volunteers were feeding the sheep. I was led into the sheep shed where all the mummy sheep were looking after their young and lots of parents and their children came in too.

It was quite wonderful seeing the lambs and there was a little white face lamb that had been born yesterday huddling in the corner of its pen. They were all running about and feeding on their mummies, a beautiful experience.



Once I had torn myself away from the lambs I said hello to the lovely llamas.

I then witnessed turkey rape which wasn’t quite so pleasant!

But the lovely flowers on this plant made me happy again, as did my hot chocolate from the Mudchute kitchen. 🙂

Happy Easter etc!



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  1. Nice photos Lara!

  2. jules

    loved your blog. am planning to do the same with 2 small children next weekend. Can anyone walk through the film set or do you need permission? Is it closed at certain times?
    many thanks
    ps hope the lambs are still little when we go!

    • Lara Ruffle

      Glad you loved the blog! :-).

      And I think you can go through the set at anytime, but I don’t actually know! Sorry! x.

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