Ten years of Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American

In 2001 I was seventeen and had just finished my first year of 6th Form in the wilds of Northamptonshire. I first heard of Jimmy Eat World courtesy of a Kerrang! compilation CD given away with the magazine that July, the featured track was ‘A Praise Chorus’ – a song I still lovely dearly today.

As it was the school holidays I had plenty of time to listen to this CD again and again and to scour the Internet for more information about this band. I also had sufficient cash from my part-time job and decided to buy their back catalogue as well as their newly minted fourth album Bleed American on impulse. Once these arrived I was hooked.

Yesterday I realised that Bleed American was over ten years old and it got me thinking about what myself and Jimmy Eat World looked like then, and now.



Not much has changed visibly of course. I still look silly and Jimmy Eat World still look like the nice and polite rockers that they are. Everyone seems to have got married, had babies and even I have managed to secure myself a man, AND he hasn’t run away yet. I’m still in shock myself!

My record collection does not have quite as many CDs in it however, the singles all got given away when I moved in with my boyfriend last year, and I haven’t even bought their 2010 album Invented as I can listen to it on Spotify for free, how times change…

I still have many wonderful memories from various gigs and from the two trips to Arizona I took in 2002 and 2003, and the Jebediah/Jimmy Eat World split shown below was signed after their Manchester University gig in November 2001.

I went with two school friends and was cheeky enough to sneak backstage (not hard in a Student Union), and the band were nice enough to a) not be pissed off, and b) to sign the random girl’s prized possession.

And below, a Jimmy Eat World disaster, I lost my lovely blue Bleed American CD. Awful.

Due to 9/11 the band re-pressed their forth album as ‘Jimmy Eat World’ not long after I bought this disc, I would imagine original copies are now hard to come by.

So, some memories for you. I don’t listen to Jimmy Eat World too much these days but I have spent a glorious weekend playing their back catalogue very loudly. The boyfriend also likes Jimmy Eat World so when I can prise him away from Manowar/Iron Maiden/Metallica/Iced Earth/[Inset metal band name here] we both have a good old reminisce about our ‘younger’ days seeing them at the now demolished Astoria in 2002 (before we knew each other).

Here is where it started:

Rock on politely kids. \m/



Football and Drag


Kurt Weill’s Street Scene at the Young Vic

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