I realised last week that I had been subconsciously carrying a lot of weight on my shoulders – namely the load of being the only person who can fully look after Theodore.

Obviously this is a self inflicted problem as I (or we) chose to try and exclusively breastfeed our children for 6 months. But with disrupted sleep, another child to love and not ignore, and over 3 months of it, this does take its toll.

I started expressing semi-regularly at 2 months, and we have been intermittently trying a bottle with Theodore since then. With nowhere to go without him, I’ve just been building up a freezer supply for when there is stuff to do – like our haircuts! Woo hoo!

So, bottle feeding him wasn’t going very well, which was upsetting me and making me fret for any time on my own for 2021. Yuk.

But, luckily for me, I was simply making a superbly dumb mistake – and I can’t even blame the husband for this one! I had put a medium teat on the bottle instead of an extra small one. WHAT a cretin! Poor little mite was getting orally assaulted with breast milk!

When we tried a bottle again last Friday all went well!!! And when we tried again on Saturday, it still went well! And I went to the car wash on my own! Hallelujah!

Sam marked the event with this video, bwahahahaaaaa!

So very happy to have been a moron, and so very happy that Theodore was happy with a teat – especially as he has absolutely no interest in a dummy, which is the completely opposite of his brother. Thankfully he will self settle, and if not, we get out the white noise.

Roll on those spa days! But also, not too quickly please…

And in other news, it is pedicure, manicure and hair cut day tomorrow! Get that milk defrosted ASAP!