It’s been about 4 to 6 weeks since Theodore went from super needy to less needy. He coos, gurgles and wiggles, and can chill by himself for a wee while. It is a good time.

Last night he woke 3 times, but usually it’s just once a night, and this is pretty good too. Overall I’m feeling more relaxed, and venturing out with both children is pretty fun – once you get out of the bloody door.

He’s a sweet natured baby and naps well, and I can take him anywhere with me with no hassle. And he hasn’t started rolling yet so everywhere is more or less safe! Love this stage!

19th of April 2021

Currently I’m in The City lying on a blanket in the shade, while Mr Theodore wiggles his naked bum about. He’s also chewing his hand constantly as he’s started teething, but he seems happy with his hand, and takes no interest in a dummy. Which is one less thing to deal with once he has all his teeth. Hoorah.

Initially, I was going to write a post about the end of ‘The Fourth Trimester’, but after an hour of faffing about, I realised that I was trying to force a post on a problem that never really existed, and that I’m actually pretty happy, and have been since he was born.

With Rafe I had a longer and more difficult postpartum recovery, and I was learning how to look after a baby for the first time. And apart from February’s mastitis, this time that’s not the case.

Love you Theodore.

19th May 2021