I had lunch at Wild Honey in Mayfair last June, we went as the other half had a lovely time at Arbutus with his mum on Mother’s Day.

Arbutus is another ‘cheap’ but swanky restaurant set up by restauranteurs Anthony Demetre and Will Smith*. Arbutus was the first (2006), Wild Honey (2007) is the second and Les Deux Salons is the most recent (2010).

All three restaurants aim to provide excellent food and service at a lower price than you would expect for your Michelin star, Arbutus and Wild Honey have had one apiece for the past few years.

Demetre and Smith also want their diners to feel relaxed and have taken away some of the formality you would expect of an expensive restaurant. Fewer hovering staff, less formal presentation. To my mind it worked very well and the dark wood panelled interior of Wild Honey was warm and inviting.

To the food…

Poached egg, foam and asparagus, beautifully presented, perfectly cooked, yum yum yum.

Farinette and English snails with radishes and olives.

Very rich and extremely filling lamb! Plus lovely courgettes and pine nuts.

Cod and boneless crispy chicken wings with peas and radishes. Greatly loved!

Beautiful painting with hundreds of people dancing on an ice rink. Wild Honey had a makeover not long after our visit so I don’t think it is there anymore. 🙁

Amazing beautiful sweet wonderful fluffy and chewy pavlova with strawberries and vanilla cream. So so so brilliant!!!

Warm chocolate soup with milk sorbet, delicious so I am told.

Grand Marnier and cocktail for dessert. 😀

Naughty naked ladies in the loos! There were loads of them, how rude.

A splendid dinner was had, we felt relaxed and welcome, and a wee bit envious of the diners next to us who ate from the excellent looking cheese board right behind our table. If only we had had room…


Total spend including drinks and service charge was £130.

*Caterer Search article on Demetre and Smith