At the end of May I went to Paris for a few days with my other half. Whilst there we ate a lot of lovely rich and expensive French food. It was a wonderful trip!

This is the first of a few blogs showing the different restaurants we went to…


On our first evening we looked for a restaurant near our hotel as we wanted to relax after walking about in the hot Parisien sun. Looking in our Lonely Planet guide, we found L’AOC ten minutes walk away. Located near the Seine and the beautiful Institut du Monde Arabe, L’AOC is a small and welcoming homely restaurant that is as French as France can be.

L’AOC stands for Appellation d’origine Contrôlée, a French concept indicating that an ingredient has been made to strict guidelines in order to protect a food product particular to a town or area. The restaurant specialises in this concept and the result is beautiful, rich, amazing and fattening! We were very happy!

Sam started with the most wonderful croustillant pied, three huge pigs trotters!

I had a frisee aux lardons salad with a perfectly cooked boiled egg and lovely vinaigrette. It was HUGE. I was stuffed before we even got to the main course!

Sam’s main was a massive entrecote normande rib eye steak with mashed potatoes and haricots vert. It was so huge he couldn’t cope with more than two-thirds of the dish. It was a beautiful piece of meat, gorgeous.

My main was confit de canard which was served with sautéed potatoes. It was again a huge dish and I couldn’t finish it all either! It was of course a tremendously cooked piece of duck and I was in heaven.

We felt very fat after that and could not even contemplate dessert! It was a magnificent dinner.

Also, the service was excellent and our rubbish French was rewarded with a lovely waiter who helped explain some of the menu we couldn’t quite understand. I was very proud to remember what ouefs were however! Hoorah for Key Stage 3 French lessons!

Our total food spend was €77 or €111.50 including drinks and water.

And as I like to say… if you can go… go! Paris is only a train ride away!