This Christmas my boyfriend and I invited his parents to Greenwich for a few days. As this was our first Christmas together at our home we decided to minimise everyone’s stress and go out for Christmas lunch.

So everyone could drink we looked about locally and decided that Blackheath was the place to be. I also fancied a good Christmas Day stroll up and down Maze Hill and across the heath because I am a nutter!

We first looked at going to Chapters in Blackheath as we had heard good things and as it is featured in the Michelin Guide as a Bib Gourmand recommended restaurant. Unfortunately it was already booked up for the 25th by the first week of November so we asked if Chapters could recommend somewhere else to go.

Chapters recommended Bella Vista, an Italian around the corner where Head Chef Alex Tyndall was formerly the Sous Chef at Chapters. Bella Vista had a table for four at 3.15pm so I said yes please!

This turned about to be an excellent second choice as the food, service and value for money was excellent. Cost for the three course dinner was £45 each plus a 12.5% service charge. Including quite a few drinks and two decent bottles of wine we spent £300 between the four of us.

Whilst some might baulk at £75 each for one dinner I would say that we had a very relaxed and enjoyable time, got to dress up in our glad rags and didn’t have to do any washing up! AND we didn’t argue once!

On Christmas Day that is…

Sam’s ‘Vitello Tonnato, Sliced Veal, Tuna Sauce, Fried Capers’

Myself and the in-laws couldn’t resist the ‘Baked Tiger Prawns With Garlic & Herbs’. I LOVE PRAWNS

Three of us had ‘Italian Style Roast Turkey With All The Trimmings’, well cooked and moist turkey with excellent stuffing and vegetables

The turkey dish came with a lovely side dish of brussels sprouts and pancetta

Sam had ‘Roasted Sea Bass, Crispy Potato, Anchovy & Caper Dressing’, it was gorgeous and came with calamari too

Sam’s mum had ‘Christmas Pudding, Brandy Sauce & Brandy Butter’ whilst the men opted for Tiramisu (the poorly focused photo has been binned, I blame him and the booze)

I had ‘Vanilla Pannacotta, Amarene Cherry, Panettone Crostino’ and it was frigging awesome!!! It was stunning, mmm raisins

This was followed my coffee and mince pies and a few silly photos outside the restaurant with us dancing about. They are on Google+ if you want to see…

Thank you Bella Vista for a lovely Christmas Day! Merry Christmas from Jem, Cinny, Lara and Sam!*


*A bit late of course!