It is my birthday, hurrah!

I am at home doing the same things I’ve been doing for 7 weeks, hurrah!



Anyway, I bought myself a cake yesterday so yay. And it is far too big, but it tastes great, so WHO CARES. And it was made by the lovely people at Boulangerie Jade, a local chain for local people. I [used to] frequent the Blackheath Standard branch, and I very much recommend all that they do. Support them if you can!

Below is a photo, woo hoo!

So what have I done with my birthday you ask? I have sorted some washing for the line, done some washing up, and shortly I will be taking the washing off the line and folding said washing. Marvellous.

However, we did go for a pre-nap walk and I took the photo below when the wind briefly calmed down, and the sun came out. The view is looking north towards Severndroog Castle – completely hidden by the luscious greenery, and was taken standing on the foundations of Castle Wood House (torn down in 1922).

We walk this way at least once a week at the moment as we live just opposite. Unfortunately for the husband, there wasn’t much walking from Rafe today, Sam had to carry him most of the way… and he’s getting really heavy now!

And what was my birthday present? It was a meal of my choice!

I went for buffalo wings with celery, carrot and ranch dressing, plus chilli cheese fries. Sam cooked up a storm – he’s such a brilliant cook, and as expected, it was very tasty! And we have chilli leftovers too, woo hoo!

And then we had more cake… we really need a salad tomorrow. ?

Happy birthday to me! ???