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A Glorious Day in Greenwich

After last Saturday’s walk by the river, and my walk through Oxleas Woods yesterday, I’m getting fired up and excited to be out and about.

Whatever you think about last Sunday’s video presentation from Dear Leader, the fact that we are now allowed out more for exercise fills me with nothing but joy.

Obviously this is ridiculous, no police officer is watching you through a set of binoculars just in case you step outside more than once a day, but the removal of the social pressure is certainly helpful.

And I think the announcement has lifted some of the fug I’ve felt around myself since lockdown began in March. I’ve definitely had a good week with no low moments, and given I’ve not had any errands to keep me busy, I think I’m doing alright. ?

I woke up in a great mood today: we had some nice family time before the husband started work, and then I did some writing for another blog while Rafe played with his toys (intermingled with cuddles and Mummy chest raspberries). And once showered and dressed, I went to Greenwich for the first time in 7 weeks, yay! ?

It was a BEAUTIFUL day today, and we had a wonderful walk through the park with some chill time on the grass during Rafe’s nap. The buggy also rolled down the hill because I didn’t put the brake on properly. It was pretty funny, and it didn’t bash into anyone so YAY!

A little later I ‘picked up’ some lunch via Deliveroo and we sat in St Alfege Park while a squirrel watched us eat. Rafe did some running around, and then we went down to the river for additional running plus climbing. I missed the river so!

After a play by the Cutty Sark we circled back to the park where Rafe pretty much gave up walking and climbed in his buggy. There was a brief bit of running away and hiding in some tall grass after a breather, but by about 4.15pm he was ready to head home via Daddy taxi. ?

A wonderful trip out, and keep scrolling for photos!

Blackheath Avenue free from cars, lovely!
Spot the buggy
St Alfege Park
The Sherpa hard at work
Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Unsolicited Advice at Nandos

My son and I had lunch at Nandos Canary Wharf today while we waited for my Pixel 3 screen to be replaced (because I’m crap and damaged it within a fortnight of getting it).

He was happily munching away on half a corn on the cob – it’s an amazing sight, some chicken and a few chips, when a group of men left the restaurant and walked past our table.

Most people look towards Rafe, smile and have a brief chat with the two of us. Not this time, one of the group said the following:

“You should get him a plate for his lunch so he isn’t eating off the table”


Oh, should he now?

I was quite pleased with my response:

“So he can break the plate?”


He repeated his advice.

I repeated my sentence.

There endeth the interaction.

  1. Rafe is fourteen and a half months, he can’t be trusted with a plate or bowl, plastic or otherwise
  2. The table isn’t dirty
  3. If the table is a bit dirty it will only boost his immune system
  4. Who the fuck are you? Fuck off

People. Tsk.

Thank you to the nice lady next to me who chatted to me after and basically said he was being a nob. You are good people.

This was him in Nandos Bayswater last week. I started giving him knifed off bits of corn, and then thought I needed to see his reaction to the entire cob. It’s brilliant!

Up On The Roof

“When this old world starts getting me down” I can climb up to my roof. 🙂

It is an amazing sight, so much more amazing than these photos show… but at least it will give you a flavour, and you can listen to The Drifters at the same time.


Billingsgate Fish Market

5am on a Saturday is not the best way to start the weekend but going to Billingsgate Fish Market is definitely a good enough reason.

It was a wee bit cold though, and dark. 🙁

Foot tunnel running over A1261, the boyfriend insisted we had to get the DLR one stop to Poplar instead of just walking from West India Quay. He did however concede that I was right and this was unnecessary.

The City of London’s site has some great information about the history of the fish market and its original location by London Bridge in central London.

The current building was opened in 1982 and “has 98 stands, 30 shops and 79 offices”, and is one of those odd bits of land run by the City of London Corporation even though it is in the middle of the borough of Tower Hamlets.

Prawns and sea bass from the Asian Fresh stall

I did ask before taking photos as photography at Billingsgate generally requires prior permission. We also bought our sea bass from this trader unlike some of the other snap happy tourists. Hmm.

We bought our huge crab from S&A Hart and our salmon trimmings from another trader who I can’t remember, darn it.

Our reward. The McDonald’s is conveniently situated next to the exit to the market

The boyfriend’s video of the crabs

Beautiful sunrise looking east, taken from the West India Quay DLR platform

£6 for 1.135kg of smoked salmon trimmings. OMG indeed

£10 for four sea bass, the de-scaling was done in the garden at the in-laws, it is so messy!

£24 for four huge crab, post boiling

I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Billingsgate, it is a wonderful place to go and the fish is so cheap. Be prepared to de-scale, gut and fillet your fish of course. You can buy prepared fish but that costs more money and defeats the point of going there in the first place. However, the prepared fish is still cheaper than anything you will find at a supermarket.

My favourite buy would have to be a whole salmon for £10. You need to de-scale, gut and fillet it but you will get up to fourteen fillets plus loads of bits for a really good salmon and leek pie.

If you buy sea bass this Gordon Ramsay recipe is my favourite.

As for our smoked salmon trimmings, I vote for smoked salmon and scrambled egg or cream cheese on bagels for breakfast.

Alternatively, lightly fry some cherry tomatoes in a little olive oil with some balsamic vinegar thrown in at the end. Serve with rocket and smoked salmon with some lemon juice and black pepper mixed in together (credit to the boyfriend for this lovely dish).

But because we have 1.135kg of smoked salmon we can do both, twice. 😀

The market is open from 5am to 8.30am Tuesday to Saturday, and we got up at 5am to get the first DLR from Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich at 5.30am. I would get there by about 6am as the market gets really busy by then and you don’t want to miss out on the good stuff. The market has plenty of parking if you come by car, and of course you can get there earlier if you don’t mind getting a bus.

Be prepared to smell a bit of fish when you get home but that is all part of the fun!


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