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I want to sing FFS

Feeling a bit mardy today, so thought it best to get myself out of the house and into the fresh air. I’m not very good staying at home for more than a day in a row, and Tuesday was spent gardening and watching YouTube. Currently fixing the mardy with a cuppa in Greenwich.

Why mardy? A combination of things… lockdown delay, sodding Matt Hancock, slight (ridiculous) fear that I’ll never get to leave this island ever again, not singing indoors, probably a bit tired, had a baby in January… blah blah blah.

Overall though, it is the lack of singing that is really f*cking me off. Especially when footage of Wimbledon and the Euros shows THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people having fun and DRINKING, while amateur choral singers like myself are checking the fecking weather every five seconds to see if we get to stand outside and sing. Not to mention the fact that we are social distancing the entire bloody time. OMG F*CK OFF.

My (predominantly elderly) choir Lewisham Choral Society has been taking very cautious baby steps to get us back together after many months of online rehearsals. But for those who wish to come to outdoor rehearsals, we’ve only managed to hold 2 out of 4 rehearsals after a test session at the end of May.

On Monday afternoon we cancelled the rehearsal due a forecast of rain, to then see a cloudy, calm and dry evening. FFS.

It is utterly infuriating, especially after being tantalized with two absolutely super rehearsals with our fantastic professional music team. It was completely glorious to sing Requiems by Fauré and Rutter, and to get to see the lovely people I’ve been singing with for twelve years!

I’ve actually been kind of musically heartbroken these past 18 months, but I’ve just ignored the whole issue as it is too frustrating, and there’s no point focusing on something so out of your control.

I’ve not performed in a concert since December 2019, and I love singing so so so much. To go from eight concerts a year to none is just vile, and it is such a social punishment for all amateur musicians alike.

And because we all know (I hope) that COVID isn’t bloody going anywhere, when will we get our normal back? When will we get to sing and perform for others? When will it be financial viable to even put on a concert? When will those who are more at risk from COVID than I return to rehearsals? Will they ever?

My god that was a depressing paragraph to write.

Takes a deep breath

In conclusion, the government are a big massive shit for putting other social activities above choral singing. If it’s okay for some, why not others? It’s bloody discrimination.

What can we do? Not much, but there’s always a petition to sign, so sign that at least, and maybe write to your MP. The one below isn’t mine, but at least there’s one that seems to give a toss about it?

Time to cross my fingers and toes for next week’s rehearsal…

I Miss Singing

I’ve been singing in choirs since I was eleven, and apart from a brief blip from 2006 to 2009, I’ve not gone more than a couple of months without singing or performing since then.

I really miss singing at the moment, and it was another thing that distinguished me from ‘just’ being a mum, and it matters far more than a part-time job. Obviously please employ me, money is good etc.

I sing in a choral society and in a chamber choir, and both our spring concerts were cancelled in the same week. Currently, no-one knows when we can rehearse again, or if our summer concerts are even feasible. Will we have enough time to rehearse, and would an audience even have the confidence to attend.

It is a big bummer.

I do a lot of publicity and social media work for my choral society, and I also email our members information from our chair (we use Mailchimp). Usually the missives are about rehearsals, concerts and additional notation for our scores, but at the moment I’m being sent information on how we can all keep in touch, and how to stay musical at this time.

It is actually really lovely having something useful to do, and to know that completing an administrative task might help the 200 or so members on the mailing list.

I also love administrative tasks.

Our conductor Dan Ludford-Thomas has sent us some suggestions and ideas based on Henry Purcell‘s music, and our accompanist Nico de Villiers has recorded two pieces of music for us. I’m crossing my fingers for more, partly because he’s such a brilliant performer, and partly because we’ve got some content for our YouTube channel! Promote, promote, promote!

Nico’s first offering is Robert Schumann‘s Widmung, check it out below.

His second offering is Felix Mendelssohn‘s Song without Words, see below.

So while we can’t meet, we can listen to Nico’s beautiful videos, and that’s not so bad.

Here’s hoping summer term doesn’t get written off entirely. 😐

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