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Tuesday the 14th of April

I started today feeling low, partially because I was obsessing over things out of my control, and probably because of the jump from four days all together, to just Rafe and I. Yay.

My solution was to lie down on the floor of the dining room for 20 minutes while the child played next to me.

It is as a good a response as any.


But then I had some breakfast and my husband came down from ‘the office’ for a coffee. We had some chats and played with Rafe, and the despondency passed somewhat.

A short while later we had a pre-nap run down the hill and had some fun at the bus stop.

Red Lion Lane

Also while chatting, I had a message from Hired about a job interview, woo hoo! I ended up having the phone interview during Rafe’s nap, then went straight out into the garden for some water play in the sunny sun.

Once he’d had enough after 30 minutes or so, he got out and then we cuddled in the sun for ages. Heaven. He’s gotten so cuddly recently, it is SO lovely.

That got us to 4pm, and with that we got dressed again, ran about upstairs and then settled down in the dining room for some Ben & Holly at 4.30pm. The husband finishes work at 5.30pm, so an hour-ish of TV for one day is good by my standards!

I then chopped some more logs, and everything was much better than at the start of the day. Hurrah!

Plus, we had freshly breaded cod, scampi, peas and fries for tea. YES.

I Miss Singing

I’ve been singing in choirs since I was eleven, and apart from a brief blip from 2006 to 2009, I’ve not gone more than a couple of months without singing or performing since then.

I really miss singing at the moment, and it was another thing that distinguished me from ‘just’ being a mum, and it matters far more than a part-time job. Obviously please employ me, money is good etc.

I sing in a choral society and in a chamber choir, and both our spring concerts were cancelled in the same week. Currently, no-one knows when we can rehearse again, or if our summer concerts are even feasible. Will we have enough time to rehearse, and would an audience even have the confidence to attend.

It is a big bummer.

I do a lot of publicity and social media work for my choral society, and I also email our members information from our chair (we use Mailchimp). Usually the missives are about rehearsals, concerts and additional notation for our scores, but at the moment I’m being sent information on how we can all keep in touch, and how to stay musical at this time.

It is actually really lovely having something useful to do, and to know that completing an administrative task might help the 200 or so members on the mailing list.

I also love administrative tasks.

Our conductor Dan Ludford-Thomas has sent us some suggestions and ideas based on Henry Purcell‘s music, and our accompanist Nico de Villiers has recorded two pieces of music for us. I’m crossing my fingers for more, partly because he’s such a brilliant performer, and partly because we’ve got some content for our YouTube channel! Promote, promote, promote!

Nico’s first offering is Robert Schumann‘s Widmung, check it out below.

His second offering is Felix Mendelssohn‘s Song without Words, see below.

So while we can’t meet, we can listen to Nico’s beautiful videos, and that’s not so bad.

Here’s hoping summer term doesn’t get written off entirely. 😐

A Weekend in the Garden

Given many don’t have the luxury of a garden, or even a living room, we did what we were told last week, and stayed home the whole weekend*.

Saturday’s gardening activities included cutting trees back, clearing leaves, weeding and some ivy clearance (all his work).

Saturday’s lazy activities included lounging about on the grass, dicking around on our phones, dicking around on my laptop, and occasionally interacting with our child.

Tee hee hee etc.

Painting with Daddy’s miniature paints from Salute, “I got 10 for a couple of quid”
A present for Grandma and Grandad
This all went in the grass. Ho hum.

Sunday was more relaxed but the husband did clear a load of ivy and mixed some postcrete to fix a corner of the rockery, very industrious. And even I got off my arse to saw logs and kindling for our new wood burner.

Rafe took his clothes off at some point, and we had a lovely picnic during his nap – sausages in a pitta with wholegrain mustard and mayonnaise. Yum!

Random disrobing
Sunday picnic

* Tell a lie… I did pop out on Saturday to get a prescription for a friend who is in self isolation.

It is quite frustrating not having anything of real value to do at the moment, but every little thing helps the brain, and I do loathe not being useful.

Lockdown Achievements so far

  • Finally went through all our photos from the past two years to find some shots of us all together for framing. Ordered them through Photobox the other week and they are now all on display in some lovely gold frames from Homesense/TK Maxx
Family trip on the DLR, 29th September 2018
  • I rearranged the dining room so we have more space for play, as we don’t know when the living room carpet will arrive
  • We switched Rafe from his too small sleeping bag to a duvet with no trouble. One step closer to the big boy bed!
Thursday 26th March was duvet day (night)
  • Went for a walk to Shrewsbury Park for the first time, such a lovely spot! And the child walked 0.8 of a mile too!
  • Another walk through Oxleas Woods, this time down to the secret pond by the Rochester Way / Welling Way junction. The ducks in the pond chased each other about which was a big hit. This time he managed 1.2 miles all the way down the hill and back again to home!
We walked through this beautiful tree arch en route to the duck pond, Thursday 2nd April

Life in the Time of Covid-19

My brain feels like a yo-yo at the moment, constantly up and down. I seem to flit between content and calm, and listless and down – on a day to day basis at times. Sigh.

I look forward to the daily nap, hope it lasts 2 hours instead of the average 1 and a bit, and then fanny about for most of it. On Thursday, he’d been asleep for 1 hour, 25 minutes and I managed a grand total of 15 minutes focusing on this blog. There is always something else to do that I always prioritise first – let alone actually being inspired to write. Hence no blogs for 9 months!

Weekends are better as the husband isn’t working – I can run away from him and the child at regular intervals. Which is good and bad because I don’t have anyone else to be with, or anywhere I can really go, so then I want to run back to them. Ngggh.

On the DLR in February – the back view is as good as the front!

Two weeks ago I lost my part-time job, my son’s nursery closed, and the husband started WFH full-time. It is quite a big adjustment after working for six months.


Since I wrote the above on Thursday, I’ve been feeling a lot better and haven’t had a low day since Wednesday. Hurrah!

Given this, I’ve decided to set myself the goal of writing a diary post each day. Hopefully the structure of the task, and it’s informal nature, will help keep me more glass half full than glass half empty…

And I need to keep up the walks outside!

Greenwich Park, Thursday 26th March

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