Until 1989 my family and I lived in Catford and the nearest big parks were Greenwich Park and Crystal Palace Park. As we would go to both parks, both have been documented in the home video my Dad shot over two weekends in 1986 (the Greenwich video and blog can be found here).

This slice of video features the park zoo, the cafe and various shots of my brother and his cousin Patrick running about. 🙂

What direction are we coming from? Somewhere near the railway viaduct that runs into Crystal Park station?

Running up that hill

It appears the zoo was closed at some point as it reopened in 2008 as Crystal Palace Farm

Rita, Lara, Llama

Sisters and cousins

Toucan! 🙂


Visiting the cafe with my cousin Jayne

Brother Andrew

Cousin Patrick with the best glasses!

Aping around with Guy the Gorilla

Video time. 🙂