Whilst in Morocco last December, we went on a day trip to the fishing town of Essaouira on the Atlantic coast. Essaouira is partially surrounded by a high wall to protect the town from fierce storms, but it also has a long sandy beach perfect for sun-bathing, a stroll or camel rides!

Fishing and tourism are the town’s main staples and we spent a warm but windy afternoon exploring the town centre while the seagulls screeched and circled overhead.

Fairly certain blue is the official colour or something…

Looking across the harbour

For catching the fishies

Fish market

Fishing huts?

Sea wall

Beautiful December sun

The blue nets stretched all along the harbour

Securely anchored

Fish being gutted

Tide must be low

Epic view

View from the top of the Scala del Mar fortifications

View towards the town. Stunning

Our lunch. All the fish!

Beach walk

It was a three hour drive each way from Marrakech but it was worth the (driver’s) effort to see the sea. The fresh air and bracing wind was particularly wonderful after the moped fumes of the city. If you can, go.