Last night my ‘mother-in-law’ and I went to see three horror films together at Somerset House as part of their annual outdoor film screening season with Film4. I would normally go with the boyfriend but he was too busy hanging out backstage with Iron Maiden (and his Dad) to care about me so I went with his mum instead.

£18 for three films – bargain!

St Mary le Strand church by the entrance to Somerset House

Everyone getting settled in with usual necessities – booze, food, cushions, blankets, umbrellas, bin bags, six layers of clothing. 🙂

Walt Disney World ponchos – The latest fashions are all here*

Film4 at Somerset House, flying the British flag for American, Norwegian and… er… American films

After the bit of rain about 8.30pm a lovely rainbow appeared

A happy camper!

We had an absolutely splendid time, what a fabulous set of films to watch all in one go. Film4 at Somerset House has not done a triple-bill before but the combination of old and new plus a good dose of humour in each film blended the evening together very well. I also felt very privileged to see Troll Hunter over a month before its UK cinema release (September 9th!) – it was awesome. Ditto for Gremlins which I had not seen before, and Tremors which I have seen about six times.

As usual in our dear old England the weather was changeable and a bit chilly for August, but we soldiered on until 3am unlike many others who left earlier – some after the first film! Why?! Idiots I say.

I love this event. The organisers always seem to get the balance right, security are friendly and informative, you can bring in whatever you like as long as you don’t bring in glass or cans, the atmosphere is laid back, the DJs who play beforehand play great music, there are loads of toilets and they even gave away some Mogwai’s this year! So cute!

Please never change! I will come back every year without fail.

*delightfully appropriate if you know Gremlins and the cinema scene well