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East Greenwich Pleasaunce Tree Planting

Thanks to an email from the Friends of East Greenwich Pleasaunce, I was able to participate in some tree planting this fine January day.

Arriving at the Pleasaunce at 1pm I found a group of ten fellow planters including FEGP chair Matthew Wall, Gavin and Anne of Transition Westcombe and David and Lewis from The London Orchard Group who were there to provide the technical know-how.

David and Lewis showed us in two stages how to plant the six trees, “three apple trees, a plum, a gage, and a pear”, did the first one for us, and then assisted with the rest.

My tree planting partner Zoe marks out the square of turf that needs removing

Hole dug! My Dad and his girlfriend would be proud!

Zoe poses for a funny photo AKA packing down the removed turf before planting our tree

Fellow planter Nigel loosens the soil with a metal stake (technical name anyone?) so he can dig his hole

Holes dug, trees planted, hessian cover applied, time for the next stage: stakes, mulch, nails, hammers and cages

David and Zoe bang a stake into the ground, Zoe and I banged in the other, the metal stake banger thing is heavy! Hard hat time just in case your head gets knocked!

Zoe holds the cage, Gavin nails the cage together. Manliness proved

Nigel and his planted tree, the mulch was provided free of charge by the Parks and Gardens department of Greenwich Council, nice!

Zoe and I anoint our planted tree with cider as part of the New Year tradition of wassailing

…but we didn’t sing, we left that to David!

Happy planters one and all!


Rainy Picnic in the Pleasaunce

A few Sunday’s back on June 5th the Friends of East Greenwich Pleasaunce held their Arty Party in the Pleasaunce, a family orientated day with live bands, circus skills, a drum workshop and stalls featuring the work of local artists. Beer and cake were also on offer at a stall run by the Friends.

The day was really well organised but the blasted English weather went and spoilt the day. What could have been a lovely lazy sunny day in a hidden corner of south-east London turned into a bit of a damp squib. The rain would not stop spitting and by the time we gave up at 3.30pm it had started to rain properly. Ho-hum. Bloody England.

Typically of course, as I sit and write this it is a blisteringly hot Sunday with bright blue skies. It is so warm we have only ventured outside to the Co-op and back and all the windows are open.

(8pm update: It is still really warm).

Anyway, the boyfriend was a good sport that Sunday as he knew how excited I was to go to my first local event for local people. I even made a quiche! We sat in the rain on our blanket with the umbrella going up and down every half an hour and enjoyed Stuff Like That and Ronnie Ripple and The Ripchords strut their stuff.

Stuff Like That play their first set, a mix of disco classics, and do their best to entertain the meagre crowds as all the families hide under the trees

To be fair, not everyone hid under the trees

After Stuff Like That’s first set I went for a wander round the Pleasaunce to see the art stalls that were dotted around the no-dog-poo field

Anja Latimer

Claire Rowlands

Ann Dingsdale

The Walker Touch

All artists above are part of Blackheath Art Society

Drumming workshop performance

FEGP marquees, only £5 to become a friend, a good deal I say! 🙂

Ronnie Ripple and The Ripchords strut their Rockabilly stuff, enjoyable entertainment.

Apologies for my music gig snobbery, but… lead singers, please do not use a music stand because you don’t know your words well. A barrier between you and the audience is not a good thing and it does look poor. Sorry…

Other than that, solid entertainment in difficult weather and it was nice to see electric guitarist Neil Clasper in the flesh rather just being one of those weirdos on Twitter like me.*

Just look at what he does for me, he sits in the rain just to make me happy. The quiche was a hit too!

Foolhardy Circus

Face painting and circus skills

Excellent juggling

Favourite new piece of FEGP info… the PA for the stage was powered by chairman Matthew Wall’s personal supply. Good work! 🙂 Also, what a beautiful garden view to have.

Very funny pair of circus character actors. Confused the hell out of a few teenagers who just didn’t get the jokes. Very funny. :).

FEGP also had a few marquees with council related info. You could learn about Greenwich becoming a Royal Borough in 2012, and meet local councillors from the Peninsula and Blackheath Westcombe wards. I have to say I appreciated this opportunity and whoever’s idea this was – thank you! I met two of my councillors, Mary Mills and Dick Quibell, and walked past Miranda Williams as I left around 3.30pm (see! she does exist!). Excellent planning and a nice opportunity to put faces to names. They also knew who I was as I have been complaining about Southeastern a lot. :D.

I did have a nice day despite the weather and it was clear that the FEGP know how to organise events that have a good mixture of entertainment for all ages. It was also lovely to go to a local event that was away from the tourist-orientated fun of the centre of Greenwich. I very much look forward to the next event in the loveliest Pleasaunce I know.

*Neil has recently started a website called Open Mic Greenwich. Neil’s site aims to bring together information about all the Open Mic nights in Greenwich. A great idea I say, contributions are welcomed, go see!


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