I got back from holiday on Friday (post-Royal Wedding fun at a pub) and felt the need to say hello to Brian again come Saturday afternoon. I stalked him down courtesy of Action for Kids and I was pleased to find him snailing down Narrow Street, one of my favourite spots in London.*

Brian was hanging out by Gordon Ramsay pub The Narrow and enjoying the sunshine. I was taken here for my birthday two years ago and it does some lovely grub, the views from the conservatory dining area are wonderful too. The pub fed and watered Brian and co and helped Action for Kids to raise some money also.

Lloyd told me that Brian has raised £10,000 so far but that more help and promotion is needed. So if you are a media type person please get in touch with Action for Kids or with Lloyd Scott as they would love to be featured on the radio, television, online and in newspapers. Anywhere basically!

This is where Brian has been featured online so far, excluding press releases:

BBC News

The Greenwich Visitor, page 15

The Greenwich Phantom

853 blog

Do get in touch, as Tesco says, every little helps.

Lloyd is hoping for some more donations once everyone gets back to work after the bank holiday. He will be moving around the Isle of Dogs over the next few days, hopefully those rich bankers on the wharf can dig deep. If you want to find Brian I would tweet at Action for Kids, they are pretty good at responding fairly quickly.

Here are a few photos of Lloyd getting into Brian (ooh-er) on Narrow Street yesterday:

Lloyd’s sister Vanessa plays traffic dodgems with Brian:

Lloyd ‘relaxes’ outside The Grapes pub, nearly done for the day:

I also took a little video of Brian in motion:

I watched Lloyd crawl along the ground for about twenty minutes yesterday, it is one sloooooow process.

Last thing, you can donate online too! Forgot to mention that! Woops.

* The other half and I did a lovely but freezing walk through Wapping and Limehouse back in January 2009 with Andrew Duncan’s Walking London. Wonderful book, thank you to my Aunt and Uncle for the suggestion!

Tuesday Update: Thanks again BBC News!

Wednesday Update: Hooray for London 24