Whilst walking around Greenwich on Wednesday I made my boyfriend climb things and take photos. My excuse for not doing the climbing was that I was wearing flip flops and because it was my birthday.

Men have no chance.

The photo above is of the railway line between Greenwich and Maze Hill just before the train disappears into the tunnel that runs under the park. If you travel on this line you will know that the train driver often toots his horn as he enters the tunnel. Very loud but always amusing. Or is there a technical reason for this? Answers on a postcard please.

The other photo he took was of the Dwarf Orchard in Greenwich Park, currently closed as it is still being replanted (I think). Apart from two posts by our local ghost (here and here) and a bit of PR from 2009 I know very little about this bit of land at the bottom of the park. It does not fill me with much joy at the moment though! 🙁

Hopefully a few local bloggers can discuss/whinge about it and do some good or perhaps we could be a bit more practical and write to the local councillors responsible for this area. I would but I live in the Peninsula Ward, not the West Greenwich ward. What if my email is ignored?! What to do, what to do?!

Anyway, hope you like the two photos and that you enjoyed Eurovision and Blue’s respectable performance as much as I did. Go Moldova!

Friday 19th August Update: Thank you to Greenwich Councillor Mary Mills for this tweet back in July. After reading Mary’s blog about the Dwarf Orchard I emailed her asking for a copy of the report which she duly emailed me the next day. I decided to forward this to our Phantom as the Dwarf Orchard seems to be a topic of interest as shown in the links above. After getting permission from the various bodies involved in the report our ghost has now published the article, see here for more details and the report in PDF format.

Wednesday 24th August Update: A couple of more Dwarf Orchard photos from Monday