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#GreenwichTweetUp 3 at The Big Red Pizza Bus

Another Greenwich Tweet Up was had last Saturday and this time we went to Deptford to experience The Big Red which is a BUS, with PIZZA. Awesome.

We had a smaller crowd this time but still managed to ensnare welcome another newbie, Helen of West Greenwich.

In attendance were:


The Big Red was launched last June and I first heard of it through our local Dame shortly after it opened. They serve pizzas, salad, tapas, starters and various type of booze (including Meantime beer, yay for local products!).

The menu isn’t particularly extensive but extra pizza toppings are available, and I was offered a few more cocktails to choose from when I didn’t fancy the three on offer (I had a few Tequila Sunrises in the end, £3, yum!). Their website also lists upcoming additions to the menu so do ask if you fancy something slightly different, they can only say no.

We had dough balls with garlic butter, garlic bread and bread, olives and dipping oil to start and these were served quickly and were a lovely, light start to the meal. We all ordered pizzas, a few pepperonis, a flamenco and a seaside, and these were also served quickly and were hot on arrival.

As a red onion lover I particularly enjoyed this topping on my pepperoni, and the mozzarella balls were lovely too. The pizza was good, if a little undercooked for my liking, another minute in the oven would haven crisped up the base more, but the flavours were good and all the pizzas arrived within a minute or so, excellent timing.

This lot were happy too.

A few of us had desserts and this was Sam’s tiramasu, official verdict: “really good, delicious”. My chocolate fudge cake with cream was also excellent, lovely and moist and HUGE.

Outside area, a wee bit nippy for January but the bus itself was lovely and warm.

The gang.

I asked if we were allowed to sit in the driver’s seat… and the answer was yes. YAY!!!

We all had a great time on the bus and enjoyed the food and drink. Service was friendly and quick and we each spent about £27 including food, a number of drinks each and tip. And! We got a lift home in Richard’s flash car! Woo hoo!

More photos of the pizza fun can be found here.


#GreenwichTweetUp 2

Last night was Greenwich Tweet Up 2 and we headed for The Pelton Arms again.

Saturday night is live music night at the pub and we saw The Repertoire Dogs strut their stuff. I thought they were ace and Ellie, Wayne, Michael and myself inflicted our awful dancing on our fellow pub-goers. There is a video but I will resist and not put it on YouTube!

Attendees included:

designedbyblind and Mercer


Charlie, a normo! i.e. she is not on Twitter, a friend of Helen’s

Also, the photos are crap, sorry!

Hai, my name is L A R A <<< A battle I will never win

Michael and myself, cheers!

Sam and Wayne

Wayne eating guide dog Mercer’s chew. Silly

Ellie, Sam and Wayne

Helen, Charlie and Jack

The dashing and sweet Michael who is raising funds for Movember

Another lovely night was had by all and Sam and I rounded off the night with a lovely lamb shish kebab from Greenwich Kebab. \m/

Keep your eyes peeled for the next #GreenwichTweetUp in 2012…


#GreenwichTweetUp 1

Friday night at The Pelton Arms was the place to be. Only the coolest cats turned out for Greenwich’s inaugural Tweet Up. All five of us. 😉

Our excuse was Wayne’s birthday, a very good reason to meet random strangers from Twitter and to get a bit pissed. It was the first time I had been to The Pelton Arms and I have to say, what a delightfully laid back and gorgeous looking pub it is. Local, friendly and relaxed, I’ll be back!

A lovely time was had by all, and a kebab from Greenwich Kebab House at 2am rounded off the evening. Lovely.

1am… after the Jägerbombs, a lot of manly affection was circulating. 😀

In attendance from left to right are Wayne, his wife Helen, myself and the boyfriend, and best of, all the way from Kidbrooke… Michael!

My favourite bit of the night was seeing Michael run down Trafalgar Road and jump up and spin round a lamp post like in Singing in the Rain.

Again, lovely.

Keep an eye on #GreenwichTweetUp on Twitter for the next event…


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