The boyfriend and I both love Gurkha’s Inn on Colomb Street in East Greenwich. We have been getting takeaways and eating in the restaurant for about six months now, even getting food once a week during the summer! It’s that good!

I always get the lamb jalfrezi and he loves the butter chicken. Poppadoms and a chutney come free with a meal and we always get a garlic naan too. At some point in the future we will explore the menu further, just not yet!

My lamb is always soft and tender, and the sauce is amazingly infused with flavour and is full of onion and yellow and green peppers to chow down. I tend to spend most of the meal shovelling the veg and sauce down my throat and then I remember to eat the meat! The poppadoms are also a delight and no Indian meal is complete without a naan to scoop up the lovely sauce.

The butter chicken is intensely sweet and thick and luxurious. I cannot eat much myself but he always wolfs it down in ten minutes so it must be good!

We have also enjoyed eating in the restaurant as the atmosphere is relaxing and the service isn’t pushy, just attentive. A full bar is available, and Gurkha’s Inn is just off Trafalgar Road next door to the Iceland. Takeaway orders also receive a 10% discount if collected.

It is a wonderful local restaurant, go eat!