Last year I heard about this cool, hip and happening burger joint in town and decided to check. it. out.

Being neither cool, hip or happening I did feel a bit out of place with all the hipsters in the queue – some without socks (!!!), but the other half and I persevered and after a fifty minute wait in the queue outside we got a table.

We ordered fairly quickly but waited over an hour for our food. Tempers were fraying by the time the food came out at 9pm, but the wait was actually worth it. The food was amazing.

We were also given a discount due to the wait so that was very nice. I also found out afterwards that we had gone the day after Meat Liquor had opened which explained the nutty amount of customers and the service.


We went back in February on a day off and I remembered to bring the camera this time.

We decided to get there before 5pm and this proved to be a good time to go as the queue was non-existant. We were given a table straight away and grabbed some cokes while we chose our food.

This is a man who wants a burger.

Luckily for him the food arrived quickly and we tucked into our buffalo wings, cheeseburgers, chill cheese fries and onion rings.

So much heavenly burger, I got halfway and had to give up. Doggie bags to the rescue!

We didn’t realise that we had ordered two lots of onion rings by accident. Oops. They are amazing. Huge slices of onion cooked in a wonderful batter. Beautiful.

Om nom nom. Don’t get in my way when I want to eat… or drink a Silver Angel (Finlandia Vodka shaken with peach and passion fruit, served straight up, topped with fizz).


Ceiling art.

The queue at 6pm. Oh. My. God.


This place is GREAT. The food is great, the low red lighting and slightly murky atmosphere invite you in, and the prices are pretty good for round the back of Oxford Street.

Our cheeseburgers were £6.50 each and a (large) portion of fries is £3.00. The burger and cocktail list is extensive and most importantly, the buffalo wings are AMAZING and tangy and moreish and delicious.

Next time we might go back just for wings and fries. Heaven on a tray.



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