My brain feels like a yo-yo at the moment, constantly up and down. I seem to flit between content and calm, and listless and down – on a day to day basis at times. Sigh.

I look forward to the daily nap, hope it lasts 2 hours instead of the average 1 and a bit, and then fanny about for most of it. On Thursday, he’d been asleep for 1 hour, 25 minutes and I managed a grand total of 15 minutes focusing on this blog. There is always something else to do that I always prioritise first – let alone actually being inspired to write. Hence no blogs for 9 months!

Weekends are better as the husband isn’t working – I can run away from him and the child at regular intervals. Which is good and bad because I don’t have anyone else to be with, or anywhere I can really go, so then I want to run back to them. Ngggh.

On the DLR in February – the back view is as good as the front!

Two weeks ago I lost my part-time job, my son’s nursery closed, and the husband started WFH full-time. It is quite a big adjustment after working for six months.


Since I wrote the above on Thursday, I’ve been feeling a lot better and haven’t had a low day since Wednesday. Hurrah!

Given this, I’ve decided to set myself the goal of writing a diary post each day. Hopefully the structure of the task, and it’s informal nature, will help keep me more glass half full than glass half empty…

And I need to keep up the walks outside!

Greenwich Park, Thursday 26th March