Slightly an odd post this one, but as the nights’ get colder and Christmas gets closer, I start thinking about the year nearly gone and this encourages a scour through old photos.

Tonight’s find is a folder from the 14th of May when him and I went to the Nevada Street Deli for breakfast one Saturday morning. We had been intending to go for a while and as my birthday is the 11th of May this was a good excuse. We had a lovely stroll through the park from our place by Maze Hill also, such a lovely day.

However, the Nevada Street Deli is no more as very shortly after our visit the deli became Heaps Sausages and we still haven’t been to see the change six months later! Oops!

I have heard nothing but good about Martin Heap and his bangers so I am sure it is well worth a trip. What I would like to say is that we had a splendid breakfast that day in May and I hope the menu hasn’t changed too much.

I don’t quite understand the relationship between the deli and Heaps, can someone explain? The change from the deli to Heaps was being advertised in the shop that day so I would assume the change is a positive one!

Anyway, the food was ace, and as I never got round to putting up these photos I am glad to now.

Not the largest deli in the world, but it was perfectly formed

Lovely utensil jar, I do like a nice one

The deli’s version of Gravadlax for him

Heaven on earth for me, mushrooms, bacon and and gorgeous bread, plus a pot of tea for two

Lovely looking sarnies, lovely presentation

Lovely spot too!

So if you fancy a sausage or two, pop down to Heaps. I think we might have to take a trip to stock up for Christmas now! Mmmmmm sausages!