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Happy 36th Birthday to Me!

It is my birthday, hurrah!

I am at home doing the same things I’ve been doing for 7 weeks, hurrah!



Anyway, I bought myself a cake yesterday so yay. And it is far too big, but it tastes great, so WHO CARES. And it was made by the lovely people at Boulangerie Jade, a local chain for local people. I [used to] frequent the Blackheath Standard branch, and I very much recommend all that they do. Support them if you can!

Below is a photo, woo hoo!

So what have I done with my birthday you ask? I have sorted some washing for the line, done some washing up, and shortly I will be taking the washing off the line and folding said washing. Marvellous.

However, we did go for a pre-nap walk and I took the photo below when the wind briefly calmed down, and the sun came out. The view is looking north towards Severndroog Castle – completely hidden by the luscious greenery, and was taken standing on the foundations of Castle Wood House (torn down in 1922).

We walk this way at least once a week at the moment as we live just opposite. Unfortunately for the husband, there wasn’t much walking from Rafe today, Sam had to carry him most of the way… and he’s getting really heavy now!

And what was my birthday present? It was a meal of my choice!

I went for buffalo wings with celery, carrot and ranch dressing, plus chilli cheese fries. Sam cooked up a storm – he’s such a brilliant cook, and as expected, it was very tasty! And we have chilli leftovers too, woo hoo!

And then we had more cake… we really need a salad tomorrow. ?

Happy birthday to me! ???

The Secret Princess of Severndroog Castle at Greenwich and Docklands Festival

As well as 451, I also volunteered for The Secret Princess of Severndroog at the beginning of July – another show that was part of the Greenwich and Docklands Festival.

The show is for small children (and big hearted adults), and the volunteers were tasked with escorting the four groups of children through the woods around Severndroog Castle, just off Shooters Hill.

Fairies Bramble, Dandelion, Bluebell and Ivy led the groups and told the assembled audience about all the magical creatures in the woods who had been trapped by the evil wizard, and how to battle him to free the princess. 🙂

In the photo below, Dandelion and Bramble tell the children about the wishing tree, and invite them to write a message to the princess to cheer her up.

Each group then takes a slightly different route round the castle to meet different forest creatures – on my second shift I was lucky enough to go on the alternate route where we meet the princess’ mother. Here the children are meeting the vain and selfish prince and have to encourage him to not rescue the princess.

Next stop is a grumpy but good magician who was turned in a frog by the evil wizard. He has managed to turn himself partly back but still “ribbits” a lot! He helps the children with a spell and a defence word to scare the wizard away.

This forest creature swung her way down to the group on a harness and then taught us all two defence techniques to fight the wizard. If my memory is correct, we learnt a laughing pointing heckle, and a bum wiggling mooning motion!

Here in the rose garden we met a dancer and a singer both trapped in the wood, but the singer can’t speak anymore and can only communicate with her accordion. We learnt a line from a song to frighten the wizard.

After meeting the four forest dwellers, the group circles back to the castle itself to meet up with the other groups, and all the woodland creatures to rescue the princess. We meet the evil wizard as shown below, and recite our defence word and actions to scare him away. We succeed and everyone is released from the wood! Hurrah!

But we then have to persuade the princess to leave the castle as she is scared of leaving after so many years of being trapped. She is a bit of a whiny thing but we eventually succeed with our cheerful song (I didn’t manage to get any photos of the princess as Instagram doesn’t work so well from a distance of 63 feet).

The princess then comes down to thank us and we all sing our song again to finish the show.

Thank you to Look Left Look Right for a lovely show!

P.S. You can get married at the castle 🙂


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