As lockdown gives us more time to think, I’ve been thinking about my Dad more than usual – a lovely and a sad topic.

Some of the happiest times we had together were when we listened to music, particularly Billy Joel, but also Chris de Burgh and The Beatles.

I don’t remember us ever really listening to Wings, but I’ve discovered them as an adult through Spotify and their wondrous not Christmassy but definitely Christmassy song Mull of Kintyre.

And then there is Live and Let Die, a song I knew through the Guns N’ Roses cover, and its use in the epically fantastic 1997 John Cusack film Grosse Pointe Blank – listen carefully as the cover morphs into muzak as Blank walks into the Ultimart. Pure class.

Jet, My Love, Let ‘Em In, and of course Band On The Run, have also been hiding somewhere in my subconscious for years because that’s how Paul McCartney works – he’s everywhere (in a good way), but my ultimate favourite at the moment has to be Silly Love Songs.

I’m a complete romantic and I love a good tune. And what a good tune it is. The funky groovy driving and thudding bass – I just love how high in the mix it is, the joyous dancing horns, the violins, the way it slows and speeds up as the song transitions from one section to the next in an entirely natural waltzing way. And of course the lyrics, so entirely happy and merry and delightful. I just love it, it makes me fizz and dance about.

And I love that it was written as a gentle riposte to John Lennon and others for being a bit sneery about McCartney’s music.

Turn it up loud (but not right now as it is 22.23 and I should be going to bed), dance about and give someone a good squeeze and a cuddle after.