My choir Lewisham Choral Society is taking part in the Young Vic/The Opera Group’s joint production of Kurt Weill’s Street Scene. We are singing a number of pieces during the second act and seventy-odd members of the choir signed up for the fourteen performances, we are each performing in about six shows.

I haven’t sung in a musical/opera since I was in my school’s production of Oliver Twist when I was thirteen so I’m quite excited to be part of this production. LCS also sang in the first Street Scene run at the Young Vic back in 2008, so we are obviously doing something right! It is lovely to know that LCS are respected enough to be involved in a production like this. I feel quite proud! :-).

We had two run throughs with our conductor Dan before the summer break, and since then have been rehearsing with the lovely Tim Murray who is conducting and touring Street Scene for nearly all of its run. It has been great fun and rehearsals have been at Kings College on The Strand. On Thursday we rehearsed in the College’s Chapel which was absolutely gorgeous and the acoustics were great.

Yesterday we had our Sitzprobe (my favourite new German phrase) rehearsal with the orchestra at the Young Vic and this was very exciting too (I don’t get out much). We rehearsed with the cast and the BBC Concert Orchestra, but will be performing with the Southbank Sinfonia as well. We also had a tour of the venue to see where we would be performing, we are up high in the technical gallery so don’t expect to see anyone from the chorus if you come to the show!

LCS shall be singing in the dark and from memory, quite exciting! We normally have our heads buried in our scores (joke!) so it will be a good change for us. :D. I also understand that some of us will be able to see the conductor from our positions so we will definitely be kept on our toes! I am completely excited about these performances – as you might be able to tell by all the exclamation marks and emoticons – and am really looking forward to singing in such a high-profile venue.

Inside the Young Vic, a lovely odd miss mash of new and old architecture, and in complete contrast to the Old Vic up the road

Awesome poster spread outside the venue, and it has sold out I understand. Woo-hoo!!!

Our next rehearsal is the technical one, and the dress rehearsal is on Thursday with the first show that evening. Saturday will be my first performance and then I have another five shows to do until the final two performances on the 1st of October (which I am doing both of). And! I have to go to regular LCS rehearsals at the same time! What an exiting September!

So, if you haven’t already got your tickets and are a bit upset because you can’t go, do not fear! Our lovely Auntie Beeb will be recording it over two nights for a Radio 3 broadcast in the future. Very exciting! I will update this blog with these details as soon as I have them.