This week is the fifth week of the national lockdown, and as every day fades into another day, and every week fades into another week, I thought I would document what I’ve actually done this week.

Dunno if I can be arsed to do this every week though… it’s not like there is actually anything exciting to report…


  • Two loads of washing done first thing, then hung out to dry on our super duper rotary washing line
  • Music class via Zoom at 3.15pm ???
  • Post-work walk for the 3 of us through a bit of wood between Severndroog Castle and Eltham Common. I discovered it last week with Rafe, and the wood has lots of open space with various paths snaking through leaf covered ground. Gorgeous.
  • Searched for a BBC Good Food cabbage recipe for dinner to ensure we were eating our fresh fruit and veg delivery in the right order. Haricot beans substituted for cannellini with no negative consequences. Husband even approved, and was actually impressed with my research and implementation


  • Breakfast was my first ever frittata: ham and mushroom with Comte on top. Yum! Feels a bit excessive using 4 eggs at a time, so I might hold off on making any more for a while
  • Rafe’s Health and Development Review was done today, he turned 2 the other week and it is a standard check. No issues raised!
  • I had a second interview for a job, hurrah! I showered, wore a dress and spoke to someone on Zoom
  • Our IKEA Busa was delivered, very exciting
  • Caught up with my aunt Jeanette in the afternoon – an old fashioned phone call this time


  • Drove my pregnant friend to the hospital, it was me and the husband vs two Ubers. Nice to be useful too
  • MEAT delivery! ?????
  • Rang my 96 year old aunt, she’s fine and hasn’t fallen over again… while walking in her flat… ?
  • Another friend left Rafe’s birthday present outside the house, he is now the proud owner of a bright orange lobster bath towel, it has sticky up eyes and everything. Fabulous!


  • A chilled day where the main activity was water play in the clothes basket. Couldn’t be arsed to get the big swimming pool out, and I completely forgot about the little one we were given last year. Woops!
  • Caught up with aunt 3 of 5 too. She is also known as Yvonne.


  • Spoke to another friend for the first time in forever. Her, her husband, and her son have all had a really crap run of non-Corona illnesses, and they are finally nearly through it all. On top of running a business from home! So good to catch up with her! ❤️
  • Julie from my chamber choir rang for our first video call, we sit next to each other in rehearsals and she’s such a fun and cheery sort to sing and chat with. She’s also really experienced at sight singing – which I’m also a big fan of!
  • Pre-nap walk with the husband and child, this time to Severndroog Castle itself
  • (then) Rafe napped for 2 hours and 40 minutes! Marvellous!
  • Prepped Tom Kerridge’s ‘Short ribs with horseradish dumplings’ from Best Ever Dishes. I’m not doing the dumplings as we have fresh veg that needs working through, but I had great fun sorting the rub. It is wonderful having more time to cook, and to be able actually enjoy the process. A lot of the time you just feel like it is an endless cycle of prep, cook, eat, wash up*. Obviously this is nothing new, but it is definitely more YAWN at the moment.
  • Dinner was tagliatelle bolognese with a vat load of carrots, celery and mushrooms. Sam is a bolognese purist (or fascist) and usually just whines about my bolognese – but even he just ate the bloody thing this time. Thanks to HG Walter for more excellent MEAT.

Special Rafe Update

We’ve been talking to Rafe about a move from his ‘little boy bed’ (the travel cot he’s been in since he was 5 months old), to his ‘big boy bed’ for a few weeks now, and he’s been using a duvet instead of a sleeping bag with no complaint for the same amount of time.

On Monday I asked him which bed he wanted to sleep in, and he pointed to his proper bed and said “bed” – weeeeeee!!!!! OMG! Amazing! Fandabidozi! Etc.

We laid him down, tucked him in and said good night as usual.

He slept through!

And then has done for the past five nights!


He slept in his bed all the way through til 5.30am, 6.15am and 6.30am 3 times. And then woke at 11pm-ish on 2 nights and then came into our bed til and 6.30am.

It’s a work in progress… but I’m still so impressed with him! Love him! ❤️