Given many don’t have the luxury of a garden, or even a living room, we did what we were told last week, and stayed home the whole weekend*.

Saturday’s gardening activities included cutting trees back, clearing leaves, weeding and some ivy clearance (all his work).

Saturday’s lazy activities included lounging about on the grass, dicking around on our phones, dicking around on my laptop, and occasionally interacting with our child.

Tee hee hee etc.

Painting with Daddy’s miniature paints from Salute, “I got 10 for a couple of quid”
A present for Grandma and Grandad
This all went in the grass. Ho hum.

Sunday was more relaxed but the husband did clear a load of ivy and mixed some postcrete to fix a corner of the rockery, very industrious. And even I got off my arse to saw logs and kindling for our new wood burner.

Rafe took his clothes off at some point, and we had a lovely picnic during his nap – sausages in a pitta with wholegrain mustard and mayonnaise. Yum!

Random disrobing
Sunday picnic

* Tell a lie… I did pop out on Saturday to get a prescription for a friend who is in self isolation.

It is quite frustrating not having anything of real value to do at the moment, but every little thing helps the brain, and I do loathe not being useful.