I will be twenty-seven this May. I know it isn’t old, but it does feel that way every now and then. Sometimes I worry that my life isn’t going forward the ‘way it should’, but what does that even mean? More money to buy a house would be nice but I haven’t got much to complain about really. There is no correct way, and it all works out in the end.

I think I like feeling older because I can feel myself getting better at certain things, and dealing with circumstances you don’t like or want to deal with in a better way, especially where work is concerned. At Secondary School I spent a lot of time being known as the person I was when I was eleven. Seven years at the same school and they think you haven’t changed a bit. Gah. Ho-hum. Work is better though, people do notice when you get better at things (and worse of course!). I like being relied on and having my word trusted, there is a lot of satisfaction in this. You become more confident as well, and hopefully don’t get so frustrated at the little things.

And I like how my personal life has progressed as well. I have been the older part of a pair of old farts for over two years now. I am so proud of that fact, and even if my day has been crappy I get to go home to a wonderful person who gives me love and reassurance whenever I want it.* We have a lovely (rented) home, our own space and a lifestyle that we couldn’t afford apart. The simple satisfaction of being able to sit in the same room doing your own thing and feeling comfortable is a wonderful feeling.

And we both like Lord of the Rings and Star Trek and Star Wars. Bliss.

*As long as this doesn’t interfere with programming time.