• Finally went through all our photos from the past two years to find some shots of us all together for framing. Ordered them through Photobox the other week and they are now all on display in some lovely gold frames from Homesense/TK Maxx
Family trip on the DLR, 29th September 2018
  • I rearranged the dining room so we have more space for play, as we don’t know when the living room carpet will arrive
  • We switched Rafe from his too small sleeping bag to a duvet with no trouble. One step closer to the big boy bed!
Thursday 26th March was duvet day (night)
  • Went for a walk to Shrewsbury Park for the first time, such a lovely spot! And the child walked 0.8 of a mile too!
  • Another walk through Oxleas Woods, this time down to the secret pond by the Rochester Way / Welling Way junction. The ducks in the pond chased each other about which was a big hit. This time he managed 1.2 miles all the way down the hill and back again to home!
We walked through this beautiful tree arch en route to the duck pond, Thursday 2nd April