At some point in recent history, individuals and companies were allowed to start registering domains for a country that isn’t their own, hence Why and when I’ve no idea, but I’m fed up with googling the subject, so you’ll just have to accept that I’m telling the truth.

Anyway, so when we got married and changed our surnames to Ruffle Coles, ‘im indoors suggested we also register new site domains to match. But because he’s a clever arsehole, he didn’t just plump for two new domains, he decided to go for Spain’s country code top-level domain .es.

On top of that, lara and sam are sub-domains of rufflecol, which is in turn a sub-domain of .es. And yes, I had to look up domains before I could even write that sentence. Every day is a school day etc.

So, I have very occasionally been asked if we are Spanish, and no we are not, we are just a pair of smart-arses. And ones who will bore you rigid with an explanation if you make the mistake of asking us why .es