I started writing ‘Odd Things I Like To Do’ on Saturday, and I’ve officially given up 5 days later. My conclusion? It was a shit idea.

But as I spent a fair amount of time thinking about it, and I don’t want to waste my electro-chemical reactions… here’s a shitty half written blog!

Organising my son’s Duplo

The photo below demonstrates the ‘in use’ state. When not in use, the bricks, and the people, animals and themed elements must be separate.

We have two yellow Duplo buckets for this… but as we add to the collection, there’s nearly not enough capacity to keep things separate. ?

Also, the pesky blue brick with helicopter propellers doesn’t really fit in either category. ???

My little kitchen knife

We bought a set of knives from John Lewis a number of years ago (very similar to these) and I have a favourite. The wee fella below is perfect for chopping salad and vegetables and is our go to knife for most things.

It is so light and ergonomic and it just makes me very happy.

Separately eating each element of my dinner

Note how the chilli on the left isn’t entirely obscured by the sour cream and spring onions? I don’t like mixing flavours. But as he spent an hour cooking my birthday dinner I thought I had better acquiesce to his presentation request. In part anyway…

Another example? A rice wall. Whether it is a Chinese or Indian takeaway, do not blend the dishes! You will spoil the flavours! A rice wall please.

Placing our bedroom coasters at a 90º angle

This is essential to my well-being. That’s it.

And the only reason I can cope with Sam’s coaster not matching mine at all times is… at night it is used to obscure the evil blue light emanating from Sam’s mobile charging pad.

It’s my dad’s fault. And be sure hit up my aunt Jeanette for an even better example of Ruffle nutcase behaviour. Just ask her about the swans.