I started today feeling low, partially because I was obsessing over things out of my control, and probably because of the jump from four days all together, to just Rafe and I. Yay.

My solution was to lie down on the floor of the dining room for 20 minutes while the child played next to me.

It is as a good a response as any.


But then I had some breakfast and my husband came down from ‘the office’ for a coffee. We had some chats and played with Rafe, and the despondency passed somewhat.

A short while later we had a pre-nap run down the hill and had some fun at the bus stop.

Red Lion Lane

Also while chatting, I had a message from Hired about a job interview, woo hoo! I ended up having the phone interview during Rafe’s nap, then went straight out into the garden for some water play in the sunny sun.

Once he’d had enough after 30 minutes or so, he got out and then we cuddled in the sun for ages. Heaven. He’s gotten so cuddly recently, it is SO lovely.

That got us to 4pm, and with that we got dressed again, ran about upstairs and then settled down in the dining room for some Ben & Holly at 4.30pm. The husband finishes work at 5.30pm, so an hour-ish of TV for one day is good by my standards!

I then chopped some more logs, and everything was much better than at the start of the day. Hurrah!

Plus, we had freshly breaded cod, scampi, peas and fries for tea. YES.