I spent a lot of last weekend’s Bank Holiday reading about Dominic Cummings, and his trips to Durham and Barnard Castle. Most of my reading was done on Twitter, with the BBC and a variety of tweeted articles thrown in for good measure.

It was enjoyable in some ways, but it was also all-consuming and dumb. Obsessing over a news story is not helpful, or healthy. It also makes you quite a bore to your husband, and he was irritated with me constantly checking my timeline.

By Monday I think a bit of news fatigue had set in as I started to lose interest in the story. And given there has been no resignation or sacking, what’s the point of giving an actual shit about the situation. No-one in the government seems to actually care one toss about what happened, and how it comes across to the general public, so what is the point of me retweeting statements from aggrieved Conservative MPs.

Obviously, herein lies the rub, if I grow tired of the story and ‘move on’ as Dear Leader would like us to, then they win. Therefore, it is probably best to conclude that we are all fucked. ?

I probably won’t stop reading Twitter though, for one there isn’t enough to do at the moment, and for two, if we don’t keep complaining then they definitely do win. I just need to remember to take a break from the incessant refreshing, particularly when my son and husband are about.

And don’t drive to test your eyesight.


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  1. Saminus

    I hear you.
    I have to fight the desire to slip into conspiracy theories : is talking about the Cummings story supporting a Tory “dead cat bounce” to distract from the mess being made of pandemic management? Is there some kind of plan afoot to get so low (Economically, in public health terms, and in terms of political capital) that even a modest improvement is a success??
    Ultimately, though, I think the fundamental unfairness and inequity is what sticks with me and means that I can’t let this go. Guidance was produced. Scientists were involved and said it applies to all – and still do. People made sacrifices. But someone is above all that? No. Cummings is clearly free to make his own choices. But in a civil society he is not at liberty to do so if that puts him counter to the rules observed by everyone else. Or not without consequences. And that is the bit we are missing. The consequences.
    And totally agree on the driving thing!

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